Easy to get stared martial arts as a marathon, first from a free trial!

About free trial

In this only to one person once, you can experience Introduction to CARPE DIEM BJJ, Rental kimono will also be able to lend for free.
Also to is possible in any class, there is no force or the like in training.
Not please feel free to carry your feet.

Tours are free!

CARPE DIEM recommend a visit in order to eliminate as much as possible the mismatch in BJJ. Direct I want to hear in various instructor! Please carry your foot there again and again feel free to if you have such.

* Please visitors to the class 10minute before the start.

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To learn self-defense, courtesy through the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, to train the mind and body and brain.

Kids program

Kids program, it is possible to learn self-defense, courtesy through the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, physical fitness, communication skills and caring heart, you can wear the ability to think. We will continue doing the lessons at the center of the movement of the mat exercise and basic. Blow without any, so throwing techniques even less is safe among the martial arts.
Classes and band color, are divided by age.
It is possible that it is easy to start, it is also recommended for weak children movement.

* Please visitors to the class 10minute before the start.

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Stamina up, muscle-up, diet, until the anti-aging from Beauty.

Training gym

The second floor of the gym can accommodate up to 11:00 to 22:00.
Free weights power around the rack bench press table, cable machine, power block, I stocks such as spin bike.
Stamina up, muscle-up diet,

O2 capsule (appointment)

The O2 capsule famous athletes also favored, It has the effort of fatigue and promoting blood circulation.

Collagen machine (appointment)

During the hottest celebrities and model’s us!
Light of Este that can feel the beautiful skin with collagen lamp.

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One-on-one and group lessons to enjoy the basic operation and techniques.

Private Lesson

You can take lessons in one-on-one or in groups, with the instructor.
I wanted to take lessons weak person and a big number of people also, efficiently stamina up through the Brazilian jiu-jitsu of the basic operation and techniques, those who want to technology up, it is recommended for people you busy.
Please tell us to feel free to hope of instructor.

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Training in the trainer and one-on-one guidance.

Personal Training

You can do training in the trainer and one-on-one guidance.
Those who can not training that it is one person, those who do not last long even joined the sports club, it is a menu perfect for those who want to make effective use of the busy time.
Stamina up, muscle-up, diet, beauty and anti-aging, like active, want to be well strongly parentheses, such as want to win in competitions, and games, we will be trainers to provide training menu to suit one person’s purpose.

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